How to justify the authorship of the manuscripts? The contributors should meet the following conditions.

1. Drawn from the respected international bodies for the authorship

10.1.1. Conception and design, acquisition of data, or analysis and interpretation of data has been done by the author.

10.1.2. Either drafting the article or revising it critically for important intellectual content has been done by the author.

10.1.3. The final approval of the version to be published has been given by the author. Each contributor should have participated sufficiently in the work to be allowed to take public responsibility for suitable portions of the content.

2. Based on our experience

Based on the experience of our editorial staff, we have added few more guidelines to be considered for the authorship.

10.2.1. Relating to thesis / dissertation works: Some articles may be drawn from the thesis / dissertation. In this case, we suggest you to include the Guide / Mentor and Principal Investigator in the authorship. If corresponding author would like to exclude them from the authorship, then you have to attach a separate consent while (sometimes, later submission of the manuscript) submission of the manuscript to the journal.

10.2.2. Unrelated to the topic of the article: Our editorial staff have experienced that some authors from the departments unrelated to the topic of the article and also they were from separate institution, geographically. It is considered as incidences of gift or purchase of authorship and recently, it is commonly observing in the scientific community. Our editorial staff will keep away from such type of articles. The corresponding author should provide the sufficient evidences to consider for the publication in our journal.

3. Naming Order of Contributors: 

It should be based on the relative contribution of the contributor towards the study, analysis and the writing of the manuscript. We will not consider the change in order of the contributors but it will be considered, if we receive the written consent signed by all the contributors.

4. Number of Contributors

There is no limit on the number of contributors in an article.

5. Authorship Change

5.1. Post publication: No addition of author(s) will be entertained.  but exception to this will be possible.

5.2. Pre publication (before publishing of article in online): The request should come from the corresponding author regarding the change in the authorship and submit the written document signed by all the authors. You should write a reason in detail and submit it to the Editor in Chief. If the Editor in Chief satisfied with your reason, then you will be allowed to change the authorship.

6. Guarantor

From the authors, one author should take the responsibility to their work / study from its inception to the publishing of the article. This author will be considered / designated as the guarantor.