General Ethics Statement

The journal is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of honesty in the publication and review of the material. In addition to defending the caliber of its publications, RIJBR considers plagiarism and copyright violations intolerable. It is expected of authors, reviewers, and editors to be aware of and compliant with the rules and regulations established by RIJBR. The journal strictly follows the publication ethics guidelines set forth by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). The conducts the submissions, assigns reviewers, receives reviews, and announces manuscript decisions online.

Ethics Guidelines for Authors

  • Avoid copyright infringement.
  • Disclose any financial support / funding of the study.
  • Disclose any conflicts of interest.
  • Provide authorship to the contributors who have made valuable contributions to the manuscript.
  • Confirm the work submitted is original and not concurrently under review at any other publication outlet.
  • Report inadvertent errors, if any, to the reviewer(s) and editor(s).
  • Ensure that the work / study is accurate..
  • Must properly acknowledge study / work.
  • Must follow the author and submission guidelines.
  • Must cite the study with the appropriate references.
  • Follow the reference sources as outlined in the author and submission guidelines of the journal.

Ethics Guidelines for Reviewers

  • Handle manuscripts with the utmost confidentiality..
  • Ensure that their reviews are completely impartial.
  • Report incidents right away if they will affect anonymity.
  • Regardless of the manuscript’s subject matter, ensure objectivity.
  • Remain anonymous in order to maintain the confidentiality.
  • Assist in improving the quality of manuscripts by providing in-depth critiques, remarks, and feedback to the authors and editors.
  • Identify and reveal any possible potential conflicts of interest.
  • Refrain from making disparaging remarks about authors.
  • Assume no liability for the accuracy of the data and findings in the manuscript.

Ethics Guidelines for Editors

  • Consider the content’s scholarly value when determining whether to publish the manuscript.
  • Refrain from selecting manuscripts for publication or attempting to sway them for political or economic gain.
  • Investigate if made aware of any research misconduct.
  • Notify reviewers of any corrections to publication.