• Why are these awards?

    We have a great talent but no one is recognizing all the talent. With these awards, we have a clear procedure to recognize the great talent. It is in turn motivates the young talent and also it will become the inspiration to the upcoming generations.

  • Why should I go for this award?

    We have a great jury team who will maintain the higher standards and transparency while shortlisting a great talent for the awards. Because of our standards, you can expect to have a great reputation across the globe. Also we are providing many benefits (Know More) to the awardees.

  • What is the probability of getting selected for these awards?

    We can’t say this. Why? Selection process is purely based on the award criteria. Our Jury members will give top priority to the great talent but not for any other.

  • How will be the selection process?

    First, applicant should submit the nomination (Online Nomination Submissions System) for the suitable award. No one will be allowed to submit their nomination for more than one award without the permission from the Head of the Jury. After screening, if Jury requests more information from you, then you have to send the required info. At pre-specified date, the awardees list will be announced.

  • Can I submit the nomination for every season of awardees?

    Yes! Why not. You are welcome to submit your nomination for every season.

  • Can I submit the nomination for more than one award?

    No. You should contact the Head of the Jury for the submission of nomination for more than one award. Anyhow, if you are not selected for the award, our jury will suggest you to submit the nomination for other awards if your profile is suitable.

  • What if there is more than one deserving candidate in a given category?

    The decision of the Jury is final.

  • Are there any fees for the submission of nomination?

    No need to pay any fee for the submission of nominations.

  • Does nomination guarantee my inclusion?

    It doesn’t guarantee the inclusion. It is purely based on the merit of your profile in comparison with the other nominees. Only selected nominees will be included and they are eligible for many benefits (Know More).

  • In future, if I lost a certificate of recognition, can I get one more?

    Yes. You will be provided with another certificate.

  • How do you tackle the fake certificates?

    All the certificates / records will have a Tracking ID. You can check the authenticity of the certificate by our Verification System. All the instructions will be given on the certificate for tracking / authenticity check.

  • If the Nominee is unable to attend the Conference, can they still register and participate for the awards?

    Yes, If the Nominee is unable to attend the event, they can still participate. A family member or friend can collect the Award on behalf of the Awardee or the Award Kit will be sent by courier to the Winner.

  • Can the awardee get additional passes for the event?

    Yes, the Awardee can buy additional passes for their Friends, Family and Colleagues.