Crossref is the world's renowned organization for its services like DOI registration, Similarity Check, Crossmark, Cited-by, etc. We contacted the Crossref for having a session on the importance of its various services. This session is managing by the KVRSS Group who is one of the Sponsored Organizations of the Crossref (one expert will come). Read More

KVRSS Group is the Sponsored Organization of the Crossref in Central Asia region. It is offering various services, like journal management, etc, relating to the publishers. This organization will engage its role in the Session of Crossref Services. Read More

It is one of the rarest platforms providing the detailed metadata (with PDFs / html page) of the published papers / books / book chapters / dissertations / reports, etc. Autoupdation of the metadata of every published paper (with the PDFs / HTML content) is one of its core features. Because of this feature, our users will get an instant access to all the newly published papers also. Read More

ScienTechS is one of the renowned service provider in publishing, education and tech industry. It is offering journal managemenet system, indexing of journals, impact factor based on the citations of the Cited-by (product of Crossref) and Google Scolar, etc. It is also offering smart education technology for the schools, colleges, and Universities. Read More

eProfilePedia is the first platform where you can manage your complete profile / bio-data / CV, however you want! Its features are Profile builder, desing it however you want, post important info, answer the queries, profile statistics, Virtual ID, etc. You can get followers, you can follow other profiles, make your profile available for the job change, etc. Read More

This is the directory that is inviting the world's best profiles. It will check, verify, recognize and authorize every profile before its inclusion in the directory thereby it avoids the fake profiles. All the accepted profiles will be added in Who Am I? Directory. After inclusion of your profile, you can request the eprofilePedia to have a Verified Tick to your profile. Read More

ABCDiv is the digital identifier cum verifier of the records. It provides the unique identification cum verification Id cum URL for every published paper, books, book chapters, and conference proceedings / papers. Read More

RePoSiTo is the advanced version of the digital repositories where publishers / libraries, etc can store their data safely. With its advanced features like audit system, etc, it will stand in front row in this sector when compared to existing digital repositories in the current market. Read More

KVR Book Central is one of the best book publishers on this planet in closed access publishing. It is publishing all types of books such as academic books and non-academic books (stories, etc). Read More

eBookia is publishing an open access books / book chapters. It is specifically focusing on publishing the academic books only. Read More